Friday, 19 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

Genius Content Marketing from FreeAgent

Following on nicely from my last post about Red Bull Stratos I got another genius emailer today from FreeAgent.

I regularly use Freeagent in my Gamification talks as an example of how effective incorporating "fun" can be in marketing. Freeagent are a company that provide one product/service: a software as a service online accounting system. Yes... it is just as boring as it sounds, but... by using a little bit of irreverence and a strong sense of fun, somehow Roan and the team manage to make thier product interesting to me.

Take the example here... many companies would have just sent out a simple email saying "we now support custom email templates" and actually their email actually says just that, it's just that it does it in a very silly - irreverent - manner which is perfectly pitched for their target audience of freelancers and small creative studios.

So yes... small businesses and dry brands can do a Stratos, and this is how!


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