Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday, 14 April 2014

Our All-New Game! (A rework of the last).

Last week we announced our latest foray into our own IP: Stunt Guy 2.0 which launches on the 17th April (this thursday!). Gladly thus far it's been very well received - people seem to like the silly humour, the accessible and yet challenging gameplay and, of course, the beautiful images. I do however get a few questions about it so i thought I might address them here:

1) Who does your art?
Kit does - and he does it beautifully - but I never really feel comfortable answering that question because as much as Kit is a genius (he is) I'm privileged to work with several other geniuses every day and to focus on the art - however amazing - does a bit of a disservice to the feel, stability, design and ideas that go towards an incredible result. This team is greater than the sum of its parts (thank goodness for that though, as separately we'd all be a bit of a mess I think!)

2) What will you do if SG2.0 isn't a success?
Hmmm... not sure. We still do client work, hopefully we can do some more of that? Alternatively I always quite enjoyed working in petrol stations.

3) I thought you were working on new games? This is just a re-hash of the last!
Yes, you're right and that's something I thought long and hard about.

The thing is, as much as we have loads of great ideas for new games we only really had the resources to finish one (for now) and when I looked at Stunt Guy again I realised that - whilst it was fun - by comparison to our client work, it really didn't look or feel as good as we were capable of. We therefore decided to address that first - hopefully the rest will follow.

Well, there you go - hope it's kinda interesting, do feel free to ask any other questions!

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