Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"Was That YOU I Just Saw on Dragons Den?"

"What? Er, I couldn't possibly comment"

For the last few days discussion on my phone, email and Facebook has pretty much run along those lines and although it's been a touch overwhelming at times it's also been really sweet to know how many people both still recognise me and are prepared to compliment (lie about) the beard I'm currently sporting.

So, anyway, as discussed in slightly more detail on the Kempt blog, revealed on the Dragons Den trailer and hinted at on their site. It rather looks like I'll be appearing on Dragons Den next Sunday the 17th of August.

I'm not supposed to say anything about it and I wouldn't be saying anything now if it wasn't for the trailer so you'll have to wait for the show to see what happens. But, if the rumours are true, I hope you'll spare a moment of sympathy for me as I endure an experience which I can only imagine to be about a billion-times worse than the agony of listening to your own answering machine message.

Anyway - Stunt Gal has launched and all three "Magnificent Stunts" are now out - whoohoo!!!

Stunt Gal iconStunt Gal - Available Now! only on the App Store (iPhone/iPad)
Stunt Guy icon
Stunt Guy 2.0 - Available now on: Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhone/iPad
Reg The Roadkill icon
Reg the Roadkill - Out Now! Only on the App Store for iPhone & iPad


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