My name is Chris and I have spent too much time in front of a computer. In 1998, armed with a degree in Fine Art and a book on HTML, I arrived fashionably late for the dotcom boom (which was a little like arriving at a party just before the cops turn up) and fell deeply in love with digital.

This enthusiasm propelled me through two major recessions - the dot com crash and the one we are/were/will-be encountering/encountered/are currently enduring. I'm pretty sure at least 13 of those years were supposed to be the year of mobile, apart from the year that actually was of course. My early career was spent doing such disparate things as building the world's first online 3D CAD system, designing and developing the Oftel website, running (which seemed to largely involve blagging things from record-labels) and setting up an online snail-racing simulator. I then decided to stop pissing around and started Kempt, one of the UKs leading experts in branded games.

Some how Kempt has now been earning a living from making fun, but ultimately fairly silly, games for over a decade now. We've done it for some of the world's biggest brands - Pepsi, Red Bull, Energizer to name a few. Outside Kempt I have two amazing kids who must take after their mother, I look at my guitars regularly and wish I knew how to play them and obsess over small-engined sports cars.