Lessons to learn from Red Bull Stratos

People that know me may well agree that sometimes I have a tiny bit too much to say for myself, it's something I'm trying really hard to address :o) Something I do have an awful lot to say about though is Red Bull Stratos which - in my opinion - is one of the most brilliant bits of activity we've seen from a brand in decades, it was beautifully executed from start to finish.

Luckily for me, eConsultancy have already done a really good job of covering a lot of the key points on their blog.

You should read it.

For the time being I'll keep my comments on the subject fairly simple and say that it's this kind of activity that makes me proud to work for Red Bull and... frankly... that's something that a lot of brands could learn from. In the same way that people buy from people they like, people tend to work harder for people they like...

It's just a good job we love all our clients huh?!