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Belated Britball 08 Write-up

For those that don’t know, the BritBallRun (BBR) is a 1000-mile car-tour come treasure hunt come fancy dress party that’s run every August bank holiday around the UK, the event is a top laugh and draws in a really wide range of entrants in cars that vary from car-porn through to a post office van and my personal fave this year, a VW Corrado dressed up as Starsky and Hutch’s car – wicked! More info on the event can be found at . So... a little over six months ago now Paul Fryer and I stepped up to defend our title as 2007 BritBallRun Champions . The rest as they say is history! One point worth mentioning is that instead of asking for donations, this year I pledged to donate £20 for every person that helped us out en-route, the donations were to go to the Bishop Simeon Trust who we supported last year. Did I regret this rash decision? Well... a bit but it’s a good cause! So... enough of the back story, let’s get on with the write-up! Day 1 – 23rd August 2008