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Alice Cooper Was Wrong

One of my favourite songs is Alice Cooper’s “Lost in America” which I’ve loved ever since I caught it late one night on an episode of Beavis and Butthead, it's a hilarious example of 80s rock cheese - the lyrics for the first verse are: I can't get a girl, 'cause I ain't got a car I can't get a car, 'cause I ain't got a job I can't get a job, 'cause I ain't got a car So I'm looking for a girl with a job and a car Which, in the video B&B riff-off to great comic effect. For me though, this song works on two levels: On the one hand it gives me a wonderful sense of nostalgia for the naivety of my early teens - a time when life appeared to be much simpler,  full of such bright colours and contrast and not the complex (but still beautiful) shades that it is now. On the other it seems to rather beautifully sum up the frustration that anyone who finds themselves at a disadvantage can feel, a sense of powerlessness that will also often be accompan