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Finding Your First Job

Photo Credit:  Ivan Radic Students or recent grads that I meet often ask me how to start-out in the games industry (or creative industries more generally). Typically I give the same advice so I thought it might be useful to share it here. 1 - Show that you can be flexible. People hiring for junior roles don't expect you to be an expert (even if they hope you'll become one later) but they do like you to be adaptable, willing to pitch-in anywhere you're useful and be able to understand the disciplines of the people you're working alongside. 2 - Understand that qualifications show what you know (hopefully!) but not what you can do. You need to find a way to demonstrate your skills and passions effectively, as it's those that will land you the career of your dreams. So, whatever you want to do find a way to show it, for example: Want to be a coder? Then make a game (or more!) and show it to as many people as you can for feedback. It doesn't matter much what you buil