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When I was younger I knew 3 things for certain: The more exhaust pipes a car had the faster it was, Sarah Greene was very interesting for some reason, Anything "turbo" was automatically awesome. Now that I'm older I'm enlightened - I understand that car-manufacturers play with your head by adding additional, technically unnecessary, exhaust pipes to their cars but I'm kinda okay with that. My understanding of Turbo however is different matter, I now realise that there are only two acceptable uses of the term: In a post-modern/retro/ironic fashion i.e. "he's a turbo bell-end" or "Turbo Super Ultra Mega Snail Racing will be out on iOS this fall" If something actually has a turbocharger on it - in which case it is way too cool for its own damn good. What's the significance of this? Well, one of my obsessions in life is efficiency, specifically how to get maximum effect for minimum effort. This obsession seem to permeat