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Super heroes are so last decade

Ten years ago, when I started the company, super-heroes were cool. Today they're still cool... but just a bit too cool for their own good. Over the last decade I've watched as gradually more and more people started wearing super-hero tee shirts and company after company decided that it'd be a really original idea to have super-heroes as their mascots. Late last year it started to hit me that: We desperately needed a re-brand. We're not the heroes of digital marketing any more - we are a game studio who are really fucking good at working with brands. Our brand just didn't do justice to the amazing talents of the people that I am privileged to work with every day. I desperately didn't want to do what many of our competitors have done over the years - relaunch with a dull, corporate image - disowning their own, anarchic past. As a result I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to introduce our new brand - Kempt - Home for the Terminally Creative

Kempt is 10... time to look old.

Ladies and Gentlemen - a new era has arrived... and it's the 19th century! Today we launch part one of what might well be the world's slowest rebrand. We've been working on it for nearly a year already and, frankly (unless we can find a good front-end developer) we might well still be working on it in another 12 months! But... part one is done... Phew. Thus far our rebrand consists of: A logo An image And an under construction page. All are fricking amazing though and huge props to Kit, Al, Fryer and Ben for their sterling work on it. However we also have a secret weapon... courtesy of Mr Richard Oram  who finished off the identity work and prep'd it for print and the wonderful people at Solways , one of England's finest printers. We have what is purported to be the world's most awesome business card. After the print work was finished Tim was so excited that he sent me a lovely email "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh – stunning results - Great design, print and paper working