Super heroes are so last decade

Ten years ago, when I started the company, super-heroes were cool.

Today they're still cool... but just a bit too cool for their own good. Over the last decade I've watched as gradually more and more people started wearing super-hero tee shirts and company after company decided that it'd be a really original idea to have super-heroes as their mascots.

Late last year it started to hit me that:
  1. We desperately needed a re-brand.
  2. We're not the heroes of digital marketing any more - we are a game studio who are really fucking good at working with brands.
  3. Our brand just didn't do justice to the amazing talents of the people that I am privileged to work with every day.
  4. I desperately didn't want to do what many of our competitors have done over the years - relaunch with a dull, corporate image - disowning their own, anarchic past.
As a result I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to introduce our new brand - Kempt - Home for the Terminally Creative!

TBH the rebrand only consists of an under construction page and a business card (quite possibly the world's coolest) but you can check out the Kempt blog for a bit more info.