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Recent NHS Experiences

Following a (obviously fake) post I saw yesterday on Facebook which was trying to debunk the ‘a kid with pneumonia lying on coats on the floor in hospital’ incident I thought I might share a selection of my first-hand, and worrying, experiences with the NHS - all of these occurred within the last 3-4 years: 1 - I spent a lot of time in a Chemo unit which was so understaffed that the 3 nurses who were running it (should have been 6-8) were having to run from machine to machine to keep up. 2 - I spent 11 weeks in specialist gastrointestinal ward in London. During my stay staff shortages were extreme and most of our nurses would arrive at least an hour early and leave a couple of hours late just so they could get the job done. These issues were compounded by the fact that about half the other people in my ward were *actually* there because of mental health issues that there wasn’t proper support for e.g.: One chap kept pulling his stitches open in order to avoid having to go ho