Hello! About Me.

Hi, my name is Chris and - basically - I’ve been sitting at a computer for way too long. You can find a more formal summary of my career on my LinkedIn profile but I want to be a little more casual here.

About twenty years ago I fell into the fledgling internet industry after graduating in Fine Art and slowly worked my way up in that industry from web design to production.

I started my own studio (Kempt) in 2003 which started as a web/digital production company but quickly specialised in the production of Flash-based games. We worked a diverse range of clients from brands like Sony and King of Shaves through to media companies such as Viacom and their brands MTV and Nickelodeon.

In around 2009 Kempt made a successful transition to mobile games, spent most of the next few years working on Red Bull’s ‘Kart Fighter’ game franchise and then made a very brave  attempt to  building our own IP which was featured on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Following that we raised a six-figure sum which allowed us to do an acquisition deal for the studio business. The studio was re-launched as ‘Burke & Best’ and worked with Adult Swim to produce the chart-topping Amateur Surgeon 4.

In the process off all that I managed to father two remarkably well balanced sons and learn a fair bit about wine and driving moderately quickly around a track (not at the same time) however it wasn’t without its challenges…

Over the last twenty years I think I’ve made (and largely learned from) just about every mistake it’s possible to make in business - most notably not looking after myself. In 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 Oesophageal Cancer. I went through several months of chemotherapy and a couple of very serious operations in order to remove the cancer. It was an extremely tough process to go through but luckily it was caught relatively early and treatment for this kind of cancer has improved dramatically over the last 5-10 years so I  count myself amongst the very lucky ones.

The core team and I exited Burke & Best in July 2019 and we've been doing a mixture of consultancy and hypercasual game development since however I'm now looking to get back to what I'm good at and love, running larger projects with skilled and creative teams.


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